About Us

Focused on quality and services, Phuket Aquarium aims to meet both Thai and international aquatic hobbyists’ demand in fish and supply goods. Phuket Aquarium is one of the very first aquarium store in Thailand that provide supplies from top brands like Red Sea, Kent, EHEIM, Coral life and EcoTech Marine. For the past 27 years, we have been committed to provide high quality fish and effective aquarium equipment to keep our customers’ tank beautiful and clean. Through years of experience, we have the greatest passion to service your tank and allowing you to focus on the beauty of your aquarium inhabitants rather than worry about water chemistry or the right aquarium equipment.

With Phuket Aquarium’s finest fully equipped and skilled craftsmen, we specialize in custom site-specific aquariums and installations. Our advance experience specialists has wide range of previous projects including museum grade acrylic aquariums, extra-large size aquarium, custom woodwork, and fountain pond. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or experienced hobbyist, we provide everything that you are looking for and we are willing to provide with wide range of fish species, custom made aquariums size, high qualities equipment, finest aquarium woodwork furnish, or fountain pond design and equipment.

We are looking forward to help your home and commercial aquarium dream comes true.